Central Executive Office

The work of the Board and the sections is supported by a Central Facilitation Bureau. The CFB executes the tasks appointed by the General Board (GB) and is financed by the general funds. A director heads the CFB, and is responsible to the GB. The duties of the CFB entail the implementation of various administrative tasks and the maintenance of an automated system that supports these tasks. The main tasks consist of participant administration, results processing, financial administration and invoicing, monitoring planning and logistics, helpdesk, post-registration and secretarial support. Additionally, various co-workers of the CFB hold advisory positions on the various (section) boards. Our quality assurance functionary is responsible for the realization and maintenance of the quality assurance handbook.

CFB employees:

Prof. Marc Thelen Scientific director
Rick de Jong Manager general affairs
Guido van Dam MSc Software specialist
Maaike de Ruiter
Tamara Thoonen
Quality officer
Quality official
Jolanda Achterberg MSc System administrator
Ron Meijer

Brenda Franken

Christel Speijers

Data analist, software configurator, deputy system administrator
Quality officer colon cancer screening, software configurator
Software configurator, colon cancer screening official, administrative assistant finance
Janneke Hubers
Margaret van Riek
Administrative assistant secretary
Administrative assistant finance
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