Bacteriology / Mycology

Bacteriology / Mycology

  • The Bacteriology/Mycology Section initiates and provides schemes in the fields of general diagnostic bacteriology, in vitro sensitivity determinations, tuberculosis diagnostics and mycology.
  • The section falls under the auspices of the Dutch Association for Medical Microbiology and the Dutch Association for Medical Mycology.
  • Specialty-related questions about the bacteriology/mycology schemes can be directed to the scheme co-ordinator (currently there is no name available).
  • Registration for participation in one or more schemes takes place via the SKML-Bureau or directly. The SKML-Bureau also provides general information about the organisation of the schemes, the QBase-system whereby results are submitted and the costs of participation. Invoicing also occurs via the SKML-Bureau.

Scheme plan

  • The bacteriology/mycology scheme consists of 10 surveys per year, of which 2 x mycology, 2 x in vitro sensitivity determination bacteria, 1 x mycobacteriology and 5 x culture general. Each survey consists of 4 samples.
  • The schemes are provided by the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in Nijmegen.
  • The material, with a description of its clinical origin, is first assessed by two or more reference laboratories before being included in the scheme.
  • The aim is to submit the results to the SKML-Bureau using the online QBase computer system. To date, this method of processing the results has not been fully implemented.
  • Until further notice participants submit results via fax to the scheme co-ordinator at the CW Hospital (024-3657516). Definite results and the awarded points are sent to the laboratory by mail. Evaluation is sent to the laboratory by email.
  • Participation in the schemes is anonymous.
  • Supplementary documentation and detailed discussion of the SKML-mycology scheme are also on the website of the NVvMy, including additional illustrations and specialty-related information. Prior mycology schemes from previous years are also available here.

Section objectives

  • Each year the section puts together a report analysing the results from all the schemes that have taken place within a calendar year. Based upon these annual reports the SKML-section can ascertain in which areas further training is necessary for the participating laboratories.
  • The section devises, where necessary, a policy and provides a report to the SKML Board.
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